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What an ogre Lions?It has been said, that if he eats once a lion hunting people as well as the taste of human, since flesh often treated.This is not the case. A lion doesn't have much taste, while eating meat especially if they ’ to hunger. They eat rotten meat also full of worms. A few weeks ago we had a proud lion eating a male giraffe, took seven days to finish. Day 6 had matched the giraffe meat soup that was vague, but ate the lion.The Lions, who are more prone to OGRE often old, very sick or injured and the difficulty for hunting, then start looking for other prey, can be easy to catch. In some cases, it may be a feeling to be jeopardized by a lion walking near them, and the defense attacks and kills, eventually to turn it into a meal.Once a lion killed a man, it can then recognize how easy it is to kill us. We are very low and slow compared to most animals that normally hunt. We are white easy. In many cases like this, you can try the Lions hunting people, so sad, that they are destroyed to avoid once more. Jacker, is our theatre in Florida. However, is an area where real estate prices are going great guns. We are located a few blocks from the beach and saw increases, to challenge our understanding of these past ten years. Our price offer can be in the order of what you mean, but I would be interested in buying in an area, the 30% increase in real estate values has made in a year, this is the place! Please, do not hesitate to call 850-229-9282 Wade if you have any questions. (We want to be closer to family is part of the reason why they sell). If you don't mind, the guardian, again by some people that hire working crack and told studies, its so difficult that only #% $ ing in & and can matter. Then go through all means in debt can be for life and maybe even lose his love for a great movie. Because if you have a theatre or perform only one. Never again will (only) to see a film. If you think that it is not enough just how it is wonderful to work with the public. In particular, the person that was one of their bad days and just be in the future. Believe me, this man is interesting. 09 cents / can or can not do this sweet moment in his life. All your great ideas ….Discover why the price of theatre, but you become many people said, what to do and when you … are not themselves. P.S.Wait gives you all the suffering, and have a sucsess. You are a slave to insurance, compensation of employees, VG and the Government (Uncle Sam) are NET - 13% discount on your shelf # 1 theatre and the chain of cinemas in the country. NETWORK OF 4%. Finally, there are lawyers and clients. Enjoy the show. Blood of Todd (Captain) to see the 1714579. Live in jacker/Jeffery, neighborhood (Greenpoint, to be exact), a lot of young people in Newtownabbey, artists/filmmakers, many of them are my friends. I would like to open something, play in his stuff and other places to go. We'd love to have a theatre to go! Many people asked why still Somethiung! This is the first time! I think that my first step is to find a property. It would be fun to find something to do as a church or the old abandoned warehouse and the DIY style! I think it will be very expensive, but it seems to be in the real estate sector. I think the details from there. Theatre of Havana in the river Saturday, September 10, 2005 by BRENDA BOWEN of the reopening of the star - journal of Havana theatre closed in question, Lawford with directors and former employees divided into worker is paid. The rented Theater Mike Novelli and Paul Warshauer, co-owner of places based on Wheaton Grand Inc. in June and late July opened recently published to show the film. Novelli and contributors dedicated Warshauer place tickets and concessions at the theatre for sale. The men closed before a week in a projector lamp exploded during a broadcast. Warshauer said projector housing must be replaced, so I decided that men because of the closed renovation and scheduled to reopen thanks. But employees say theatre, they were released from their permanent jobs and have not yet been to his last salary. You cannot pay to its employees, said Mike Kolves, former Assistant of Lawford-coach. paid for them and they can not afford to pay us? another former employee Trust Jacker Alternative who can not be named, said adding that the inscriptions and own work after that shows had to bring your own computer and vacuum cleaner. None of this has always been popular, he said. There was nothing in … I have also my Ribbon is worker said she and a former employee of another study of forms, the last pay at maturity. There is a lot of money, this is the beginning of the case, he said that other former employees, who are even not named. They wanted to get out us of our tour. To donate more or less Novelli, said Friday that he and Warshauer investigate theft by employees of the Lawford. There's a study that says come in some inappropriate behaviour. We know that someone has stolen the us. internally, the research not handled by the police, said Novelli. Warshauer said, it and the couple contacted the police of his suspicions. We have been blocked (former staff), that he should say something, friends, he said. In November 2003 was contrary Aledo officials about its plans, Peoria State hospital in einemBoutique rehabilitation Hotels Warshauer asked to invest in the village to promote $ 190,000 in the concept without needed to complete the project proposed $6 million on a feasibility study. Foundation of the village said taxpayer suspicious funds were used for the proposed conditions of the project. In the same month, the Department of revenue of Chicago persuaded and issued the order in Portage Park, theatre, belonged to ciudad-lado Warshauer is refraining from Northwest. When the man arrived in Havana, he requested a loan of $ 15,000 municipal officials to restructure the Lawford, but they were rejected, because Mayor Dale Roberts said there was no guarantee. Roberts, said Friday that the debt of teatro-agua Novelli and Warshauer - service but declined to say how much. They have a water, unpaid bills, he said. Turn off the water. We are still, but they called and asked us, the deadline.Novelli said reopening the Lawford Thanksgiving is still a goal for him, but may not occur. We have many questions, he said. There is no solid agreement. ,,.